My significant other encounters steady

My significant other encounters steady distress in the wing bone

I’m grieving

It’s been some time since I said I was cleared out, yet I kept on accepting my kid

He’s battling doing it

I took my significant other to Dongmyeong-dong to get a back rub. It’s a restricted organization shop run by a man

He had a long calling in Seoul, so he went to see her on Instagram intentionally

100% reservation structure action (one individual shop)

Business hours/10:00 ~ 22:00 (24:00 for pre-booking)

Contact number/010.3023.9966

Halting/Gaonville stopping region across the construction is open

You said you can use the Gaonville stopping region across the construction for halting.

We hadn’t the faintest idea about this, so we halted in the ACC stopping region and walked, but we didn’t have to worry about halting

I don’t think you really wanted to

Finally appeared!

This wagering spot isn’t a bistro yet a back rub shop?

My life partner, who’s never been to a back rub shop, is astounded

At the point when I entered, a warm-gazing teacher showed upward!

It has a beguiling inside, stimulating music, and a nice aroma

He invited us gently.

I figured it would be little since it’s a one-individual thought shop, but the Dongmyeong-dong manipulate shop has a huge load of good stuff!

There’s a sensitive lounge chair like this

I had the choice to remain by effectively while my soul mate was in care

It just so happens, orange sofa and wonderful plants.

I really like this essential inside sensibility.

A powder room in a journalist’s room

In case you come these lines, there’s a washroom

Fitting room

Conceivably this is an immediate consequence of the lighting at the bistro or wine bar

It feels something basically the same

There’s furthermore a shower room. If you needed it

You can tidy up

It is the program of Dongmyeong-dong rub shop.

(Dry) rub

Scent rub

Swedish back rub

I like essential ventures

The expense is exorbitantly extraordinary than I suspected.

I ought to get a dry back rub for 90 minutes.

It’s not equivalent to other back 출장마사지 rub associations

Isn’t it the expense? Haha I’m lamented, sir

Much obliged


I was contemplating what a swedish back rub looks like

Exactly when I asked him, he gave me a back rub to mitigate my scarf

To some degree less strain than scent rub

It’s a good back rub for people who need patching

You do

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