I’m being fake

I met my colleagues at the base after a long time

It’s been a surprisingly long time since I continued on from school

It’s hard for everyone to drink now

We ought to have a fast dining experience and drink

Then, visit Dong-A University Pub’s Holdham Stars

This is the essential spot I’ve been to

My friend who lives in the area mentioned that I go

I’m visiting Dong-A University Pub Holdham Stars


It’s by the road

It was not hard to find

Holdham is a game you appreciate with others

Relaxing around the table like this

It was an incredible game

In all honesty, I’ve never met anyone yet one friend

I was focused on that you might be young

It’s not exactly as basic as I suspected

Changed following a few times

It’s less complex 포커캐슬 than I suspected

So fascinating

I feel like I’m being fake

It’s so fascinating

My first experience with my associates

Dong-A University Pub Holdham Stars

I was to some degree focused

Be that as it may, it was such loads of fun

I was anxious in light of the fact that it was my first time


None in any way shape or form

It is so natural

It’s a game you can appreciate with others

To live it up

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